UPS Volunteers

We are proud of the passion, time and knowledge that UPS employees dedicate to their communities. UPSers around the world reflect and embrace this important piece of our culture, giving 1.6 million in recorded volunteer hours each year. From lending their business skills to nonprofits to giving their time to repaint local community centers, UPSers are committed to strengthening their communities. 

We strive to find opportunities to engage our business expertise through our volunteer efforts, One example is training and deploying Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs), a team of trained UPS logisticians who intervene over the crucial first three to six weeks following a natural disaster, providing logistics support, assets and transport services. 


Global Volunteer Month

UPS Global Volunteer Month takes place around the world every October. Thousands of UPSers in more than 50 countries have helped build schools, assist food banks, renovate shelters and complete many other tasks in their communities. In 2012, over 22,000 UPSers logged approximately 309,000 volunteer hours during Global Volunteer Month. 


Local Engagement

More than 25 percent of our total dollars go to local organizations where UPSers volunteer their time. UPSers are required to allocate 50 hours of their time to an organization before it is eligible to receive a grant. This approach ensures that we are appropriately engaged with and supporting local communities in addition to our corporate global giving strategy.