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The UPS Foundation invested $97.5 million in our global communities in 2012.

Our Mission

At UPS, we have long believed that we grow not only by investing in our business, but also in our people and our communities. We believe the best way to give back is to draw upon our company's unique business assets: linking philanthropic dollars with our logistics expertise, transportation assets and the skills and passions of our global employees.  

The UPS Foundation was established by UPS founder Jim Casey in 1951, Today, we lead UPS's corporate citizenship efforts, investing nearly $100 million each year and more than 1.4 million hours of UPSers' volunteer time into our global communities each year. 

Throughout our long history, we have evolved to meet the changing needs of communities across the globe. We center our investment strategy around four pillars aligned with our corporate values and business expertise: Diversity, Community Safety, Environment and Volunteerism. 

By living and working in the communities we serve, our employees are in touch with the needs and issues in their communities. More than 25 percent of our total dollars go to local organizations where UPSers volunteer their time.

As one of the largest, most diverse companies in the world, we take our responsibility of being a good corporate citizen to heart. We are committed to leveraging our business expertise and resources to help deliver innovating and sustainable solutions to address some of the world's most pressing challenges.