Empowered People

Employee Education

The entrepreneurial spirit of our founders established a distinct culture of growth within UPS from the very beginning. Today, we continue to promote that culture by empowering our people to grow professionally and intellectually.

UPS University

Our enterprise-wide learning management system, UPS University, helps employees develop and hone skills that will help them achieve success in their roles within the company. Employees can access a full library of on-demand online courses, and continue to explore traditional and non-traditional methods for delivering consistent training to UPSers around the world.

Continuous Learning

UPS offers one of the most generous tuition reimbursement programs in the marketplace, helping college students finance their education and attend school while working part-time or full-time at UPS.

Our “Earn & Learn” program provides a lifetime maximum of US$25,000 for a college education. While a great benefit for employees, Earn & Learn is also an important recruiting and retention tool for UPS. The program helps us attract college students to fill many of our part-time positions, and turnover among program participants is significantly lower than among nonparticipants.

This is an important recruiting and retention tool; turnover among program participants in part-time positions is significantly lower than among nonparticipants. UPS has invested in the college tuition of 290,000 employees, including more than 20,800 in 2017.