Empowered People

Employee Education

The entrepreneurial spirit of our founders established a distinct culture of growth within UPS from the very beginning. Today, we continue to promote that culture by empowering our people to grow professionally and intellectually.

UPS University

Our enterprise-wide learning management system, UPS University, helps employees develop and hone skills that will help them achieve success in their roles within the company. Employees can access a full library of on-demand online courses, and continue to explore traditional and non-traditional methods for delivering consistent training to UPSers around the world.

Continuous Learning

In the US, full-time employees are eligible to receive tuition assistance for higher education. We also empower part-time employees to further develop their careers by advancing their education through UPS’s Earn and Learn Program. The program is currently offered at 90 UPS locations nationwide and offers $5,250 per calendar year, up to a total of $25,000 in assistance.

Through this program and our partnerships with various educational institutions, UPS provided more than $16 million in tuition support to 8,026 UPSers in 2014.

For more information about the education opportunities we provide employees, download the 2014 UPS Corporate Sustainability Report.