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Culture Survey Turns Input Into Action

Our 495,000 UPSers around the world are our greatest asset. And in a competitive marketplace, it’s critical for UPS to build a strong culture that attracts and retains employees to help us meet our business goals.

UPS is continually refining how we take the pulse of our culture and engage our people. For several years, we conducted an Employee Engagement Survey, from which we derived a score known as the Employee Engagement Index. In light of enterprise-wide transformation initiatives that began in 2018, we are evaluating and shaping our culture in new ways.

In 2019, we introduced the UPS Culture Survey to better understand how our beliefs and behaviors align with our strategy. Focused on what empowers and motivates people, the survey helped us identify existing strengths, as well as opportunity areas, that drive business results and support UPS’s continuous transformation.

Responses from UPSers reinforced some of the legacy values we hold dearly—integrity, safety and wellness, service, quality and efficiency, teamwork, and action. They also illuminated opportunities for growing cultural strengths, such as facilitating more internal connections and collaborations, advancing diversity and inclusion, implementing sustainable business practices, enabling knowledge sharing and empowerment, and increasing flexibility. Never before have these values been more on display than in response to the coronavirus pandemic, during which employees around the world demonstrated the resolve, integrity, and work ethic UPSers are known for.

Insights from the Culture Survey also informed our new Leadership Framework, introduced in 2019 to develop the talent needed to compete in the future. The Framework reflects our legacy cultural strengths, while also encouraging and rewarding agility, responsiveness, and continuous transformation.

We listen to our people and view the Culture Survey as a continuous improvement tool, using feedback to adjust strategies in real time as needed. Insights from previous surveys have driven changes across the company, including enhancements to rewards and recognition programs, more frequent communication from company leadership, and flexible business attire, among many other examples. We report the results of the Culture Survey to all UPSers, including the Management Committee, and plan to administer the Survey annually moving forward.

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