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How UPS Is Responding to Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has put unparalleled strains on our healthcare system, economy, and society. People have been asked to stay home to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Supply chains shifted dramatically. Yet vast reserves of medical equipment must make their way to hospitals, testing sites, and clinics as quickly as possible to treat those affected. This unique combination of demands and constraints has created a significant logistics challenge.

With our 113 years of global logistics experience, we are uniquely positioned to meet that challenge.


A Smart Global Logistics Network

UPS began responding to the coronavirus in early January, when it first affected our operations in China and other parts of Asia. We supplied personal protective equipment (PPE) to our employees; helped customers realign supply chains and modes of transport due to work disruptions from government-mandated shutdowns; and used our network flexibility to realign capacity when volume shifted out of China. This agility prepared us for further changes as outbreaks have spread across the world.

Governments understand the important role UPS plays in global commerce. Many have designated UPS as an essential business, enabling us to continue delivering daily essentials and life-saving medicines for our customers.

Humanitarian Logistics and Community Support

UPS and The UPS Foundation bring extensive experience helping communities prepare, respond, and recover from natural disasters and humanitarian crises—and we’re applying these capabilities to help address this pandemic. In addition, local UPS teams engage directly with local community organizations. We are supporting the COVID-19 response with our global smart logistics network and funding local, national, and international community partners with more than $21 million in funds, in-kind shipments, and logistics support. This support assists current humanitarian efforts and continues to help local communities through the recovery phase. Our funding of local communities prioritizes food security, education, healthcare, financial sustainability, and continuity of ongoing programs.

For example, UPS is providing loaned executive logistics experts to assist with public-private partnerships, including our collaboration with FEMA to help distribute PPE and necessary materials to healthcare workers across the United States. We are also launching drone delivery alongside CVS to the largest U.S. retirement community, home to more than 135,000 residents.

An Unmatched Team

UPSers are accustomed to rallying when needed, such as our holiday peak delivery season or periods of extreme weather. Their support of our coronavirus efforts is no different. UPS drivers, pilots, package handlers, and others behind the scenes have stepped up with a level of commitment and dedication like never before. We’re taking actions to keep our people safe, such as adjusting our operating procedures; rapidly enhancing cleaning procedures for facilities, vehicles, and aircraft; and quickly deploying and replenishing resources like gloves, hand sanitizer, and face masks. At every step, we’re prioritizing the safety of our people and responding to their needs.

Staying the Course

Coronavirus has upended life as we know it. During this uncertain time, many customers have told us that life feels a little more normal again when they see that familiar brown delivery truck come down their street. Whatever the future holds, UPS will do all that we can to continue to support our employees, customers, and communities worldwide.

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The dedication of UPSers around the world has not gone unnoticed. As people are sheltering in place, UPS drivers are receiving an outpouring of support and messages of appreciation for delivering during this time of need.

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