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Working with suppliers who reflect UPS’s diverse markets helps us better serve customers and contributes to the economic development of our communities. Belle-Pak, a minority-owned business and long-time supplier to UPS, provides packaging materials such as polyethylene bags, waybill pouches, and clinical bags. Belle-Pak shares many UPS values, including building a diverse workforce and supplier base. Vice President and cofounder Yves Nahmias shares how his company is advancing sustainable packaging innovation for customers like UPS.

Yves Nahmias
Cofounder and Vice President, Belle-Pak Packaging Inc.


Tell us about Belle-Pak's history.

We started the company in 1991 in Ontario, Canada. We’ve been working with UPS for more than 20 years, and have come a long way in that time. Today, we have facilities in Ontario, Massachusetts, and Georgia that employ over 240 people. We supply post offices and courier companies throughout North and South America, as well as Europe.


What is Belle-Pak’s workforce like?

We’re like family. I know everyone who works here and many of our employees have recruited family members to work at Belle-Pak. This level of closeness and trust means that I can count on our people, and I think it’s the secret to our growth.

We’re also a family of immigrants. Of our 240 employees in Canada, only one is a native Canadian. The rest have immigrated from all parts of the world, including India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and more.

“We continuously collaborate with customers like UPS to develop more sustainable packaging options.”


In what ways does Belle-Pak invest in its employees?

Because we’re a relatively small company, it’s very important to keep employees satisfied. We support employees with programs like college scholarships for employees’ children, mortgage assistance, preschool funding for single parents, and loans for recent immigrants. It goes back to our family-like culture—we take care of people when they need help. As a result, our people tend to stay with us.


UPS’s supplier diversity efforts include making sure that our suppliers have diversity initiatives within their own supply chains. What work is Belle-Pak doing on this front?

Because we operate in multiple countries, we work with both the U.S. National Minority Supplier Development Council and the Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Development Council to find and certify diverse suppliers. We also help our suppliers navigate the administrative and cost requirements associated with these certifications.


What’s the role of innovation in Belle-Pak’s business?

Every year, we invest between $3 million and $4 million in new equipment. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint and help our customers reduce theirs. That’s why we continuously collaborate with customers like UPS to develop more sustainable packaging options, such as reducing the thickness of poly bag materials.

We also look out for opportunities for logistical innovation. Now that we have a warehouse in Atlanta, we can more easily fulfill small orders directly to operations centers. This not only saves us money, it helps us better serve customers like UPS.

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