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Flight Training Simulators

Flight Training Simulators

In the Pilot’s Seat

Flight Training Simulators

In the Pilot’s Seat

UPS has big plans for global expansion. To make these plans reality, we need aircraft that can carry goods around the world—and highly trained crewmembers to pilot planes safely. To ensure UPS pilots fly at the highest levels of safety, we are investing in technologies that will give them hands-on experience with situations they could experience in the air.

These technologies include new 747-400 and 767 full-motion flight simulators that match UPS’s recent investments in aircraft and a new simulator for the long-range MD-11 fleet. The simulators are housed at the new Global Aviation Training Center (GATC) in Louisville, Kentucky, not far from our Worldport international air hub. The simulators bring UPS’s total count of full-flight simulators to 11, located at the Worldport facility and in Anchorage, Alaska. This increased capacity will allow us to train an additional 462 pilots per year.

But we won’t stop expanding there. While the GATC currently houses the three new full-flight simulators, it was built with four simulator bays to allow for future growth and technology advancements. As UPS continues to grow and technology improves even further, we will add a fourth simulator to help keep crewmembers on the cutting edge of training.

GATC is future-proofed in other ways, too. Simulators in the 28,000-square-foot facility use electric motion and control loading systems that reduce power consumption by 70 percent compared to hydraulic-powered systems, and all simulators have redundant cooling and power backup. The building is in the process of receiving LEED certification. Training rooms also allow for videoconferencing and communication with other training facilities—so the lessons learned at this state-of-the-art center can be shared with others.

the new Global Aviation Training Center (GATC)

Square feet  Icon
A 28,000 sq ft

facility in Louisville, Ky

3 new full-motion

flight simulators that match UPS’s recent vaircraft

70% less power

than hydraulic-powered systems

lightening Icon

Pilot  Icon

Trains an additional

462 pilots per year

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