Customer First

Driving Solutions for Sustainable Shipping

Customers often want to make their shipping more environmentally sustainable, but often are unsure which move to make. We offer a range of solutions that customers can choose to ensure a lower-carbon journey.

Circular Solutions

Start Here: Choose UPS

We deploy initiatives to lower the CO2e emissions of our global logistics network. By simply choosing UPS, packages travel a more sustainable journey.


  • Alternative fuel & advanced technology fleet
  • Global, integrated, and optimized logistics network
  • Use of carbon-efficient transportation modes, such as rail, sea, and cargo bikes
  • Route optimization to ensure more efficient delivery
  • Green building certifications and renewable energy for facilities

Next Step: Choose Sustainable Solutions

We provide solutions that offset carbon emissions entirely or lower them through more efficient trips that optimize routes and/or increase package density.


  • Carbon impact analysis
  • UPS carbon neutral shipping
  • UPS My Choice® service for home
  • UPS My Choice® service for business
  • UPS Access Point® network
  • UPS Smart Pickup® service1
  • UPS Synchronized Delivery service2
Circular Principles
Circular Initiatives

The Extra Mile: Choose to Collaborate

We work with customers to measure and manage the carbon emissions of their shipping and to design more sustainable packaging.


  • Supply chain optimization analysis
  • UPS Co-Innovation workshops
  • Eco Responsible packaging program
  • Packsize on-demand packaging3
  • 1Currently available in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany
  • 2Currently available in the U.S.
  • 3Currently available in the U.S. and Europe

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