Sustainability Resources

Whether you’re looking for UPS’s latest news, current company policies or a list of awards, here is where you’ll find the additional information you need to stay up-to-date.

Sustainability Reporting

Every year we work to provide our stakeholders with clear and credible information about our sustainability performance.

Sustainability Newsletter

Check out UPS Horizons, our new sustainability newsletter. Subscribe now to keep up with our sustainability stories, innovations and achievements.

Supplier Diversity

UPS works with diverse suppliers to source various products and services. They help us run our business, and we help them grow theirs.

The UPS Pressroom

We’ve got a lot to tell you. Check out our latest news and company updates all in one place.

Policies & Procedures

These UPS policies help guide our commitment to more sustainable operations.

Recognized for Making a Difference

We're always looking for innovative ways to be more sustainable, socially responsible, and supportive of ethical business practices. Our running list of awards suggests we've already found quite a few.

See All Awards & Recognition

Logistics of the Circular Economy: Research from UPS and GreenBiz

Business leaders expect the Circular Economy to double in importance over the next two years. Find out what you need to know about waste, recyclability, and first mile logistics in our new research study.

Read Our Full Research Study
Launch Infographic
The Growth of the Circular Economy. A 2016 UPS/GreenBiz Research Study.

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