Policies & Procedures

We’ve developed these policies and procedures that guide UPS’s efforts to operate in a more sustainable manner.

Environmental Management System

UPS has in place an extensive Environmental Management System (EMS) in the United States for monitoring environmental performance and following up on issues and opportunities that may arise from our monitoring activities. We developed our EMS to mirror most of the principles of the ISO 14001 standard. To ensure that our policies are practiced, we employ Region Environmental Managers and District Environmental Coordinators throughout our operations. Their role is to monitor and maintain compliance with environmental regulations, to train other operational personnel, and to raise awareness regarding all environmental aspects of our operations.

Training programs to assist Environmental Coordinators cover a wide range of topics, including water and air quality, automotive environmental procedures, hazardous waste management, spill response plans, underground storage tanks, and others.

Our environmental training and auditing programs identify areas for improvement and outline strategies. We use a number of metrics to manage our compliance effort.

Outside the United States, all UPS facility operations have environmental programs guided by the UPS Global Environmental Standards Manual. This manual mirrors the environmental programs in the United States, and is largely consistent with the ISO 14001 structure. The manual provides environmental guidelines and specific detail for compliance with environmental regulations as determined by national, provincial, state, and local laws. Region Environmental Managers work directly with facility personnel to ensure environmental compliance is maintained.

We are currently certified to ISO 14001 in a number of locations in Europe within our Supply Chain and Freight business segment in response to business demands. We are taking a similar approach in the U.S.

UPS Corporate Climate Change Statement

As a global transportation company, UPS acknowledges that greenhouse gas emissions impact the climate and pose a serious challenge to the environment—and ultimately the global economy. It is the responsibility of all segments of society to improve energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. UPS prides itself on its current, numerous sustainability initiatives, and being a responsible corporate citizen. Our long-term strategy is to optimize the processes that consume non-renewable resources. We also recognize that UPS is a critical component of our customers’ supply chains, and that we have an obligation to help them operate in a more environmentally sustainable way.

To view this statement in its entirety, visit the UPS Pressroom.

Environmental Policy

In an effort to maintain a leadership role in protecting the environment, we continually strive to improve technology and environmental performance. All our people are responsible for pollution prevention, resource conservation and compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We comply with current regulatory and government agency requirements, and follow our own environmental policy and guidance statements in order to meet specific sustainability objectives.

Professional Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy

UPS encourages a positive work environment through its Professional Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy, which prohibits harassment based on race, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion. All employees receive a detailed orientation on this policy when they join the company, and this training is refreshed regularly.

Human Rights Statement

At UPS, we are driven by a desire to innovate, to collaborate, and to help our customers, employees, and business partners do more. We connect people to new markets, unlock new opportunities for them, and create stronger communities as a result. An empowered workforce is critical to our ability to support others. In our view, respect for human rights is integral to helping people and communities develop their potential and achieve their goals.

Read our full Human Rights Statement here.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

UPS fully supports the protection and advancement of basic human rights throughout its world-wide operations, and is committed to efforts of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 to eliminate modern slavery (i.e., slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labor and human trafficking) throughout global supply chains. UPS’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement outlines the steps the company has taken to ensure slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any part of the business or supply chain.

Read the full statement here.

UPS Diversity & Inclusion Policy

UPS has clear workplace policies and practices, and maintains aggressive training programs to ensure all employees are treated with respect and dignity.

Additional practices include:

  • Operating on a personal basis founded on teamwork and first-name relationships.
  • Promotion from within.
  • Practicing objective, careful hiring methods.
  • Encouraging and assisting employee development by communicating regularly with employees.
  • Providing training opportunities and recognizing accomplishments.
  • Compensating employees fairly and maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Shunning favoritism.
  • Respecting each employee’s point of view.
Diversity & Inclusion Governance

The UPS Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Council’s role is to oversee the administration of UPS’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy. The Council, which was established in 1997, is organized around the focus areas of: Employees, Customers, Communities and Suppliers.

Energizing a fair, inclusive and authentic workplace for our employees that embraces and invests in the growth of our committed people who bring varied experience, backgrounds and expertise to every aspect of our business.

Supporting customers around the world who bring varied business opportunities and challenges, and growing together by ensuring their success and well-being.

Creating opportunities and empowering all people in the thousands of communities where we live and do business every day.

Using our combined expertise to serve our customers’ evolving needs and the sustainable growth of our company.

For more information about how we support equity and inclusion through our philanthropic and corporate citizenship efforts, visit The UPS Foundation.

UPS Statement on Deforestation

UPS is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and encourages sustainable tire production methods. UPS is strongly against illegal deforestation and urges the development of alternative sources of rubber supply in order to eliminate the detrimental impact of deforestation. Our preference is to work with suppliers that commit to use zero-deforestation natural rubber and that monitor sources to ensure compliance.

Preserving the world’s forests is critical to reducing carbon, combating climate change and protecting the planet’s atmosphere. Through its Global Forestry Initiative, UPS has committed to plant 15 million trees by the end of 2020. Learn more about how UPS is conserving global forests here.

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