Sustainability at UPS

UPS is a global leader in logistics, with more than 495,000 employees, serving 11.5 million customers daily in more than 220 countries and territories. In 2019, we made 5.5 billion connections around the world, delivering more than 21 million packages each day. Sustainability is an inherent part of UPS’s strategy and business operations.

Sustainable Solutions

We’re an important part of the global supply chain, and our customers expect us to bring solutions that help reduce their emissions. Our portfolio of sustainability solutions helps customers—big or small—measure, manage, and mitigate the transportation impact of their supply chain, whether it’s around the world or around the corner.

Environmental Responsibility

Through our relentless pursuit of efficiency and innovation, we are building the smart logistics network of the future. We’re investing in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, and expanding the use of renewable energy to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. See the steps we’re taking to reduce emissions across our operations.

Employee Experience

UPSers are our most important asset. With more than 495,000 employees around the world, we are committed to fostering a culture where people can thrive. Learn more about UPS’s innovative training programs, health and safety initiatives, and commitment to diversity & inclusion.

Global Connections

We create opportunities for businesses large and small by connecting people to markets around the world using our expertise, innovation, and commitment to sustainability. Learn more about our efforts to promote global trade throughout the more than 220 countries and territories we serve.

Diversity & Inclusion

UPS views diversity and inclusion as a top business priority. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment, we can increase talent engagement, foster innovation, enhance customer service, and ultimately drive better financial performance.

Learn more about sustainability at UPS in our 2019 Report: Accelerating Sustainable Solutions

UPS employees volunteering in river