Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

An Integrated Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

UPS is a global company—and is becoming even more so as much of the world’s economic and population growth continues to occur in emerging markets. With hundreds of thousands of employees around the world, UPS has a unique opportunity to effect positive change in the world through a commitment to diversity and inclusion within our own workplace. We work closely with our customers, communities, suppliers and employees to advance a company culture that embraces diversity, cultivates inclusion and fosters open participation from those with different ideas and perspectives.

UPS views diversity and inclusion as a top business priority. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment, we can increase talent engagement, foster innovation, enhance customer service, and ultimately drive better financial performance.

See how we’re taking an integrated approach to diversity across our key stakeholder groups of employees, customers, suppliers, and communities, embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Image of the BRG community and flags

The BRG Community Continues To Grow

Image of the BRG community and flags

At a large company like UPS, it’s natural for employees to want to find their niche. With hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide, it’s also highly likely that employees of all backgrounds will be able to find others like them. Business Resource Groups (BRGs) help make those connections across 10 different communities: African American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Focus on Abilities, LGBT & Allies, Millennials, Multicultural, Veterans, Women’s Leadership Development, and Working Parents.

BRGs enable employees to network, discuss their experiences in the workplace, take part in professional development, and participate in programs and events that support UPS as a whole. Each BRG community has multiple chapters, and the groups have continued their rapid growth, from 176 in 2017 to more than 200 in 2018. Demonstrating the importance of BRGs to our business growth, CEO David Abney and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Eduardo Martinez held two question-and-answer sessions via videoconference with BRG chairs, co-chairs, and members during 2018. UPSers across the globe participated in the event, asking questions about how BRGs can support UPS’s growth, building our millennial workforce and progressing toward our 20 million volunteer hours by 2020 goal.

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