Employee Experience

Employee Experience

With more than 481,000 employees around the world, our people are UPS’s most important asset. We foster a culture where people can thrive, through innovative education and training programs, health and safety initiatives, and a commitment to diversity & inclusion.

Employee Safety

UPS is committed to sustaining our track record of industry-leading employee health, safety, and wellness programs across a growing workforce. In 2016, we established goals to reduce the frequency of lost-time injuries and auto accidents among our workforce by 2020.

Smart Technology for a Safer Workforce

At UPS, we invest millions of dollars in health and safety training every year to ensure that UPSers to make it home safely – their most important stop of the day.

In 2018, we invested more than $224 million on safety training courses (23% of total training spend) and UPSers spent more than 6.3 million hours (39% of total training time) in safety training classes. Formal training is supplemented with mentoring programs that enable employees to learn from others with more experience. Our employees with exceptional safety records are recognized and encourage others to strive for the same high standards. In 2018, an international safety mentorship and awareness program relay program began. Learn more about it in the Spreading Safety Around the Globe story in our 2018 Sustainability Progress Report.

Our 10,364 Circle of Honor members are proof that the system is working. Each of them has driven for 25 years or more without an avoidable auto accident, and together they’ve logged have logged 14 billion miles of safe driving, enough miles to make about 200 round trips to Mars, or over nine round trips to Saturn.

Drivers and all employees are supported and guided by our Comprehensive Health and Safety Process (CHSP) in 1995. More than 3,250 Committees at our facilities and among our work groups bring the CHSP to life by conducting facility and equipment audits, leading training programs, performing work practice and behavior analysis, and recommending process and equipment changes.

Integrad On-Road Safety Training

One of our most innovative training experiences is UPS Integrad™ training centers, which provide drivers with experiential training modeled on the philosophy of “teach me, show me, let me.” The program uses a mixture of 3-D computer simulations, webcast learning modules, and traditional classroom instruction to complement hands-on safety, delivery, and customer service training in a controlled environment. UPS Integrad curriculum has raised the bar on training, delivering significant improvements in safety, customer experience, and retention compared to traditional programs.

It’s not just our drivers who are becoming more knowledgeable. Our vehicles are becoming smarter — and safer — as we upgrade them with advanced collision mitigation technology. This system alerts drivers to moving and stationary objects in front of the tractor and moving objects surrounding the vehicle. The technology includes alerts for blind spots and lane departures, electronic stability control, and forward collision warning with automatic brake application.

In 2018, we also began a new program to analyze safety data and trends to improve employee onboarding and training. Read about this data-driven work in Crunching the Numbers on Safety in the 2018 Sustainability Progress Report.

Creating an injury-free workplace requires the right training, technology, and data, all working together to reduce the likelihood of injuries and crashes.

Employee Education

The entrepreneurial spirit of our founders established a distinct culture of growth within UPS from the very beginning. Today, we continue to promote that culture by empowering our people to grow professionally and intellectually.

UPS University

Our enterprise-wide learning management system, UPS University, helps employees develop and hone skills that will help them achieve success in their roles within the company. Employees can access a full library of on-demand online courses, and continue to explore traditional and non-traditional methods for delivering consistent training to UPSers around the world.

Continuous Learning

UPS offers one of the most generous tuition reimbursement programs in the marketplace, helping college students finance their education and attend school while working part-time or full-time at UPS. Our “Earn & Learn” program provides up to US$25,000 for a college education. While a great benefit for employees, Earn & Learn is also an important recruiting and retention tool for UPS. The program helps us attract college students to fill many of our part-time positions, and turnover among program participants is lower than among nonparticipants.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a global company, UPS’s values are rooted in the diversity and inclusion that thrives inside and outside our walls.

Our diversity and inclusion mission is to connect and empower our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities for success by embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to propel our growth. We have a commitment to create an environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and fully engaged to contribute to our future success.

In support of this mission, UPS’s definition of diversity extends beyond race, age, and gender to include differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, religion, physical ability, values, backgrounds, and experiences. Inclusion occurs when everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in creating UPS’s business success and is valued for his or her distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives.

Business Resource Groups

UPS employees at LGBTQA pride parade

As one of the world’s largest employers, UPS employs people from all cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences. In such a large company, it’s natural for employees to want to connect, network, and learn from others outside of normal work teams. An important way they can do this is through employee hubs known as Business Resource Groups (BRGs).

The BRG program started as a pilot in 19 UPS locations in 2006 with Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) and has grown exponentially into more than 200 chapters worldwide across 10 total BRG categories: African American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Focus on Abilities, LGBT & Allies, Millennials, Multicultural, Veterans, WLD, and Working Parents. Each BRG is supported with advisors and sponsors from senior management who help them grow and support the business in unique ways.

BRGs not only provide a way for employees to connect; they are also creating significant business value. For example, members of the New York–based WLD BRG dressed in UPS’s brown uniforms and spent the day on the road with package car drivers to help drive business growth. They educated potential customers about diversity and innovation at UPS — and generated 300 sales leads in the process.

Learn how BRGs are a key part of the diversity and inclusion efforts for UPS employees in the An Integrated Approach to Diversity & Inclusion in the 2018 UPS Sustainability Progress Report.

Learn more about sustainability efforts at UPS in our 2018 Report: Creating Our Tomorrow, Sustainably