Equity and Inclusion

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With focused efforts on community safety, equity and inclusion, the environment, and volunteerism, The UPS Foundation is upholding its mission to build safer, more resilient, and inclusive communities around the world. Learn more about our equity and inclusion work below:

UPS’s longstanding policies, inclusive culture, and global presence make it one of the most diverse companies in the world. We know an internal focus isn’t enough, and so The UPS Foundation also supports community efforts to provide diverse populations with advancement opportunities. We understand that embracing the dynamics of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives spurs growth and innovation. The UPS Foundation provides support for organizations promoting access to higher education, economic opportunity, inclusiveness, and mentorship for youth in underserved communities.

Giving Strategy

We fund specific organizations focused on enhancing opportunities for higher education, economic empowerment, mentorship, and inclusion for underserved or underrepresented segments of society.

To advance equity, social and economic barriers confronting underserved communities must be removed. These barriers are a significant challenge, and we know they can intensify throughout a person’s life. As part of its Equity and Inclusion Focus Area, The UPS Foundation invests in organizations working to remove systemic social, economic, and educational barriers and provide greater access to essential contributors to success such as education, employment, healthcare, and housing.

The UPS Foundation invests in programming that provides continued individual development from childhood to adulthood. The scope of UPS’s support includes initiatives in early childhood education, youth mentoring, career readiness, college scholarships, internships, and executive leadership development.

Equity and Inclusion

Each year, we donate millions of dollars to organizations whose missions align with the four pillars of our equity and inclusion giving strategy.

Select examples of those partnerships include:

Early Childhood Education

Children who read proficiently by third grade are more likely to graduate high school. To help boost reading levels, The UPS Foundation supports initiatives focused on early childhood education. Organizations such as United Way and National Black Child Development Institute work with underserved children to help them meet milestones before and during elementary school. As an example of our locally-focused efforts, UPS adopted an elementary school close to its Atlanta Global Headquarters where UPS volunteers teach Junior Achievement programs and other activities throughout the year.

Through the UPS Community Scholars program, The UPS Foundation provides 30 scholarships each year to students at Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College, three HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). The scholarship recipients provide 300 volunteer hours at our adopted school, providing both mentorship and tutoring support.

Emerging Adults

Teens and young adults often face life-altering challenges at this stage of life. With 169 million youth in the world living in poverty and a growing achievement gap, it is essential to provide access to safe extracurricular activities and mentors who can help shape a young person’s future. The UPS Foundation has long invested globally in quality after-school development programs at partners such as Boys & Girls Clubs and Johanniter that provide young people with access to opportunities that level the playing field for all kids. Regardless of a child’s economic status, race, gender, or religion, these clubs help open students’ eyes to the possibilities in their future and provide them with the confidence and skills they need to fulfill their potential.

Access to Higher Education

For students looking to obtain a college education, The UPS Foundation provides more than 800 college scholarships annually to diverse students from underserved communities. Since 1972, grants have funded the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the nation’s largest and most effective minority education organization. UNCF supports a student’s education and development through scholarships and other programs, and is a powerful advocate for the importance of minority education and college readiness.

The UPS Foundation has provided scholarship funds to undergraduate students at each of the 37 UNCF-member colleges that have produced more than 400,000 graduates to date.


The UPS Foundation works with 100 Black Men of America, Inc., a group of African American business leaders and role models whose diverse talents are used to mentor young adults and motivate them to succeed. The UPS Foundation has invested millions in the organization to help build its infrastructure, increase the number of national chapters and provide college scholarships to more than 350 students.

Economic Empowerment

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The UPS Foundation has been providing grant funding to Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) since 1988. As a result of our support, PVA has been able to expand Operation PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment), a program that provides career counseling and employment opportunities to veterans with complex needs.

The UPS Foundation has supported the National Urban League for more than 50 years. Since 2009, we have focused our investments on the growth and development of the National Urban League’s Entrepreneurship Center Program (ECP). These training centers work with minority entrepreneurs to enhance their management skills so they can recognize and act on business opportunities, and qualify for financing that leads to increased economic growth.


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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality. In addition to their other efforts, HRC has joined forces with The UPS Foundation to create and fund the Workplace Project. The collaboration advocates for policies that prohibit discrimination against LGBT workers, provide employees with equal benefits and encourage appropriate marketing within every work environment.

For more information about our equity and inclusion programs, download the 2019 Social Impact Report.

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